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Category: DEC Documentation

item iditem locationIDDescriptionDatormuseum serial numberShelfTypeitem barcodeitem updateditem created
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 861 Engineering Drawings0000001093     
 Dalby 861 Engineering Drawings0000000637     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 861 Engineering Drawings0000001124     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 861 Power Controller0000001101     
 Dalby 7009026-0-0 Control Cable Assembly0000000595     
 DalbyAH05-0Sign Bit Option For AD010000000684     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 AR11 Analogue Realtime Subsystem0000001149     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 AR11 Engineering Drawings0000001145     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 BA11-K Engineering Drawings0000001089     
 DalbyBE8-AOmnibus Expander (BE8-A)0000000607     
 Dalby DD11-C Engineering Drawings0000000636     
 DalbyDD11-DDrawing Directory0000000644     
 Dalby DD11-D Engineering Drawings0000000592     
 Dalby DD11-D Engineering Drawings0000000584     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 DK8-EC Crystal Real Time Clock Engineering Drawings0000001092     
 Dalby DKC8-A Engineering Drawings0000000618     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 DKC8-A Engineering Drawings0000001109     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 DL11 Async Line Interface Engineering Drawings0000001150     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 DL11 Async Line Interface Engineering Drawings0000001134     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 DL11 Async Line Unit Engineering Drawings0000001102     
 Dalby DL11 Engineering Drawings0000000583     
 Dalby DN11 Engineerng Drawings0000000626     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 DR11-C General Device Interface Engineering Drawings0000001142     
 Dalby DUP11 Engineering Drawings0000000649     
 Dalby DUP11 Engineering Drawings0000000593     
 DalbyECO 8337KC090000000672     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 FCO RK05-000640000001105     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 FCO RK05-000640000001112     
 Dalby H742 Power Supply0000000594     
 Dalby H960 Drawing Index List0000000599     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 H960 Drawing Index List0000001094     
 DalbyKG09-BExtended Memory0000000668     
 Dalby KG11-A Engineering Drawings0000000603     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 KL8-E Async Data Control0000001113     
 Dalby KL8-J Engineering Drawings0000000652     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 KM8-A Engineering Drawings0000001117     
 Dalby KM8-A Engineering Drawings0000000648     
 Dalby KM8-E Memory Extension & Time-share Engineering Drawings0000000615     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1LA30Keyboard Assembly0000001100     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1LA30Decwriter LA300000001104     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 LA30 DECwriter Engineering Drawings0000001108     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1LA36Decwriter II Drawing Directory0000001133     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1LA36Decwriter II Drawing Directory0000001137     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 LA36 Decwriter II Engineering Drawings0000001120     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 LA36 MPC0000001118     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 LA36 Power Schematic0000001122     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 LA180 Logic Board0000001114     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 LA180 Power Board0000001110     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 M105 M7821 Engineering Drawings0000001130     
 Dalby M840 Reader/Punch Control0000000696     
 Dalby M847 Bootstrap Loader0000000692     
 Dalby M7002 Memory And Memory Timing0000000617     
 Dalby M7105 Major Registers0000000602     
 Dalby M77010000000606     
 Dalby M79020000000604     
 Dalby M8300 Major Registers0000000598     
 Dalby M86520000000609     
 DalbyMC70-BCore Memory Type MC70-B0000000688     
 DalbyME09-BParity Extension And Protection0000000676     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 MF11-U-UP Engineering Drawings0000001126     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 MI8-E Hardware Bootstrap Loader Engineering Drawings0000001125     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 MM8-E Memory Drawing Directory0000001088     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 MM8-EJ Engineering Drawings0000001116     
 DalbyMM09Extended Memory MM090000000680     
 Dalby MM11-C Engineering Drawings0000000586     
 DalbyMP00014H775 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000600     
 DalbyMP00032MM11-DP Field Maintenance Print Set0000000585     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1MP00035VT52 Engineering Drawings0000001129     
 DalbyMP00105RK611 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000596     
 DalbyMP00132DZ11 FMPS00000005     
 DalbyMP00132DZ11-A,B,E(EIA) Field Maintenance Print Set0000000589     
 DalbyMP00132DZ11-A,B,E(EIA) Field Maintenance Print Set0000000577     
 DalbyMP00132DZ11-A,B,E(EIA) Field Maintenance Print Set0000000631     
 DalbyMP00153RL11 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000629     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1MP00153RL11 Field Maintenance Print Set0000001138     
 DalbyMP00153RL11 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000610     
 DalbyMP00177PDP-8/a Field Maintenance Print Set0000000656     
 DalbyMP001778A Field Maintenance Print Set0000000640     
 DalbyMP00189FP11-A Field Maintenance Print Set0000000638     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1MP00190PDP-11/34 Field Maintenance Print Set0000001141     
 DalbyMP00190PDP-11/34A Field Maintenance Print Set0000000653     
 DalbyMP001901134A Field Maintenance Print Set0000000597     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1MP00190PDP-11/34 Field Maintenance Print Set0000001096     
 DalbyMP00253DZ11-C,D,F(20mA) Engineering Drawings0000000613     
 DalbyMP00347RL01 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000612     
 DalbyMP00347RL01 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000620     
 DalbyMP00487BA11-N Field Maintenance Print Set0000000634     
 DalbyMP00497DW780 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000622     
 DalbyMP00526RL11-AK Field Maintenance Print Set0000000633     
 DalbyMP00526RL11-AK Field Maintenance Print Set0000000616     
 DalbyMP00527RL01-AK Field Maintenance Print Set0000000590     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1MP00538RL8A/RL28A Field Maintenance Print Set0000001136     
 DalbyMP00550RK711-E Field Maintenance Print Set0000000635     
 DalbyMP00663LA120 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000632     
 DalbyMP00672MS11-L Field Maintenance Print Set0000000625     
 DalbyMP00672MS11-L Field Maintenance Print Set0000000639     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1MP00740PDP-11/23 Field Maintenance Print Set0000001106     
 DalbyMP00890H7150 Field Maintenance Printset0000000628     
 DalbyMP00911DMR11 Field Maintenance Prnt Set0000000588     
 DalbyMP00982-01DUP11-M Field Maintenance Print Set0000000601     
 DalbyMP01096-00LA100 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000581     
 DalbyMP01096-00LA100 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000582     
 DalbyMP01218H9642 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000621     
 DalbyMP01331UDA50 Field Maintenance Print Set0000000614     
 DalbyMP01477MS11-P Field Maintenance Print Set0000000627     
 Dalby PC8-E HSPT Reader/Punch Engineering Drawings0000000664     
 DalbyPDP-8/EEtch Board Console0000000700     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 PDP-8/L Maintenance Manual0000001097     
 Dalby PDP-8/L Maintenance Manual Volume II0000000611     
 Dalby PDP-11/05-S, 11/10-S Systems Engineering Drawings0000000630     
 Dalby RK05 Disk Drive Engineering Drawings0000000645     
 Dalby RK05J Engineering Drawings636363     
 Dalby RK05J Engineering Drawings0000000623     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 RK8-E Disk Cartridge Control Engineering Drawings0000001128     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 RK8J-E Engineering Drawings0000001132     
 Dalby RK6110000000608     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 RX50/CT Controller0000001098     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 TC11 Dectape System Manual0000001146     
 Dalby, Engineering Drawings heap 1 VT05 Alphanumeric Display Terminal Engineering Drawings0000001121     

Category: DEC Hardware

item iditem locationIDDescriptionDatormuseum serial numberClassTypeitem barcodeitem updateditem created
 Dalby, Bananabox 3 1 Meg 11/7500000000910     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3 1 Meg Memory 11/7500000000906     
 Dalby, Declåda 6 3COM Ethernet?0000000760     
 Dalby, Rusta 44x4 BackplaneGeneric 4x4 Backplane For Wire Wrapping0000002204     
 Dalby5.25 Inch Box With UnibusHas Modification With Rack Rails0000001546     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10 32 K Omnibus Board0000001596     
 Dalby, Bananabox 559-509-35RK05 Coarse Filter Traded To Noel Chiappa0000000538     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000497     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000503     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1  0000000738     
 Dalby, Declåda 6  0000000766     
 Dalby, Declåda 5  0000000817     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 3834BPower Control0000001790     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000836     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000841     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000843     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000844     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000859     
 Dalby, Stor Flytt 2861BPower Control0000001550     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 3861CElectronics Stripped Out0000001787     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000863     
 Dalby, Stor Flytt 2874BPower Control0000001549     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1  0000000899     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2  0000000945     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1  0000000980     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2  0000001035     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001590     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001591     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001594     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001598     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001599     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001717     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001724     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001725     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001726     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10  0000001727     
 Dalby, Rustalåda 5  0000001774     
 Dalby  0000002129     
 Dalby, Rusta 25012447D 0000000403     
 Dalby, Bananabox 55411168Limited Function Bd0000000534     
 Dalby, Bananabox 55414168RX78 Jumper Bd0000000543     
 Dalby, Bananabox 55414350Stp Connector Card0000000535     
 Dalby, Bananabox 55514350Stp Connector Card0000000539     
 Dalby, Declåda 4A026 0000000479     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1A124 0000001143     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1A124 0000000864     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1A150 0000000962     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1A220 0000001127     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1A231 0000000995     
 Dalby, NespressolådaA312Analog Function Generator KV8/I0000001848     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1A400 0000001123     
 Dalby, NespressolådaA612D/A Converter KV8/L0000001849     
 Dalby, NespressolådaA712Voltage Regulator KV8/I0000001852     
 Dalby, Declåda 4A800 0000000483     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1A812 0000000973     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1A862 0000000506     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1B131 0000000722     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B133 0000000867     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B135 0000001095     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B137 0000000502     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B165 0000000508     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B165 0000000509     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1B169 0000000461     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B169 0000000871     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B173 0000000501     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1B213 0000000510     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1B213 0000000464     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1B213 0000000465     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1B213 0000000714     
 DalbyBA11-ES ChassiWith Comm Backplane?0000001784     
 Dalby, Rustalåda 5 Backplane Unknown.0000001773     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda BC11 KabelBC11BC11 Cable Various Lengths0000001051     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1 Card Retainer0000000386     
 Dalby, Rusta 2CS11 0000000414     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5D315DLV11J Cab Kit0000000521     
 Dalby, Jula Låda 1DD11-BIn A Panel. Modified Slightly0000001672     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5DEQNACab Kit0000000703     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5DMV11Cab Kit0000000519     
 Dalby, Jula Låda 1DN11-AA With CardsM7226, M7821, M117, M105 And M0020000001669     
 Dalby, Rusta 2DQ132 0000001074     
 Dalby, Declåda 5DQ604 0000000774     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 Drive Head Adjustment Tool0000000555     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1DRS11B 0000000986     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1DRS11XA 0000000989     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1DSS11B 0000000990     
 Dalby, Bananabox4DSS11B 0000000735     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1DSS11XB 0000000991     
 Dalby, Declåda 6DT2762-SE 0000000757     
 Dalby, Declåda 6DT2766 0000000761     
 Dalby, Declåda 6DU142 0000000756     
 DalbyDual Disk Chassi. RX50 And RD51 0000001780     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 Ethernet Cab Kit0000000531     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1G009 0000000460     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG100Sense Amp + Inhibit Driver G100C0000001710     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG100Sense Amp + Inhibit Driver G100C0000001707     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G104 0000000958     
 Dalby, Bananabox4G110 0000000743     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G111 0000000942     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1G111 0000001015     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G111 0000000936     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1G219 0000000885     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1G221 0000001151     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG222Memory Selector0000001690     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG222Memory Selector0000001680     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG222Memory Selector0000001693     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG222AMemory Selector0000001703     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G227 0000000956     
 Dalby, Bananabox4G233 0000001041     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G233 0000000943     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1G233 0000001005     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1G233 0000001007     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G233C8K X-Y0000001582     
 Dalby, Bananabox4G235 0000000746     
 Dalby, Bananabox4G235 0000000747     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10G619 0000000957     
 Dalby, Declåda 4G650 0000000482     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3G652 0000000920     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3G652 0000000924     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1G704 0000001090     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1G72723 Pieces G7270000001043     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG727AGrant Continuity0000001687     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG858APDP15 Teletype Connector Card0000001689     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1G7272 0000000391     
 Dalby, Rusta 2G7273 0000000418     
 Dalby, NespressolådaG8000AFilter Network0000001698     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1GT40Lightpen0000000394     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2H212 0000000937     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1H212 0000001008     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10H212 0000000938     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10H2128kx12 Core0000001593     
 Dalby, Bananabox4H217 0000000750     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2H219 0000000941     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3H221 0000000925     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5H315Test Connector0000000516     
 Dalby, Stor Flytt 2H722Step Down Transformer0000001551     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 3H737Power Supply0000001786     
 Dalby, Stor Flytt 2H740Power Supply0000001547     
 Dalby, Rusta 4H745Psu0000001776     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 3H786Power Supply0000001789     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1H8509 Pieces.0000000385     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1H85132 Pieces H8510000001070     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5H3271Test Connector0000000523     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5H4000Tranceiver0000000530     
 Dalby, Rusta 4H9270 0000002203     
 Dalby, Rusta 4H9273Qbus Chassi0000001781     
 Dalby, Rusta 4H9275 0000001782     
 Dalby, Rustalåda 5 Homebuilt DEC Cables0000001779     
 Dalby, Declåda 5IN-1611 0000000796     
 Dalby, Declåda 5IN-1611 0000000792     
 Dalby, ELU Låda KE140000002104     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5LA34German Char ROM0000000559     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M104 0000000882     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M104 0000000853     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M105Address Selector M105C0000001716     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M105Address Selector0000001722     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M105Address Selector0000001723     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M111 0000000730     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M111 0000000861     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M111Traded to Noel Chiappa.0000000856     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM112NOR Gate0000001684     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M113 0000000858     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M113 0000000504     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000000911     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000000852     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000001147     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000000857     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M115 0000000718     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M115 0000000457     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000000919     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000000832     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M115 0000000873     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M115 0000000452     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM13310 - 2 Inout NAND Gates0000001692     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM13310 - 2 Input NAND Gates0000001682     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM13310 - 2 Input NAND Gates0000001704     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM1393 - 8 Input NAND Gates0000001697     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M160 0000001103     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M160 0000001107     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M207 0000000865     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M207 0000000886     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM216Six Flip Flops0000001685     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M216 0000000505     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM216Six Flip Flops M216B0000001709     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM216Six Flip Flops0000001711     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M220 0000000572     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM226ARegister Module0000001701     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM242J-K Flip Flop0000001696     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M302 0000000472     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M302 0000000891     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M401 0000000893     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M401 0000000848     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM405Crystal Clock0000001679     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M452 0000001139     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M452 0000000888     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM510I/O Bus Receiver0000001677     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M531 0000000851     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M594Eia Level Converter0000001589     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M594EIA Level Converter M594B0000001720     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM602Pulse Generator0000001683     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM611High Speed Powet Inverter0000001678     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM611High Power Inverter0000001699     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM621Data Bus Driver0000001708     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM621Data Bus Driver0000001705     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM622I/O Bus Driver0000001712     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000855     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000854     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000866     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000833     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000862     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000849     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M624 0000000707     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000835     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000834     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000001115     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000890     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M624 0000000711     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M624 0000000894     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M624 0000000468     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM6276 - 4 Input NAND Gates0000001702     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM6276 - 4 Input Nand Gates0000001676     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM6276 - 4 Input NAND Gates0000001706     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000892     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000846     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000847     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000840     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M706 0000000449     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000845     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000907     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000001135     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000001131     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000842     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000839     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000838     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M706 0000000837     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M707 0000000884     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM707Teletype Transmitter0000001673     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M707 0000000880     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM712Timing Generator KV8/I0000001853     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM714Control Part 1 For CR03 Card Reader0000001854     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM716Control Part 2 For CR03 Card Reader0000001855     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM719A 0000001700     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM773Console Cont. #2 M773B0000001713     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M794Modem Interface0000001715     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M794 0000001076     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M794Modem Interface Card0000001583     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M798 0000000860     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M798 0000000889     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1M798 0000000878     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M837 0000001026     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M837 0000001058     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M837 0000001062     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M840 0000000950     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M840 0000000948     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M847 0000001025     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M849 0000001049     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M849 0000000944     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M863 0000001003     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M863 0000001077     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M863 0000001053     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M863 0000001024     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M863 0000001081     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M863 0000001057     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M863 0000000983     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M863 0000001084     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M863 0000001016     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M863 0000000963     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M863 0000000998     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M863 0000001069     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M865 0000001073     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M908 0000000453     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M908 0000000387     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M908 0000000731     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M908 0000000723     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M908 0000000390     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM909Terminator Card0000001695     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM909Terminator Card0000001694     
 Dalby, NespressolådaM909Terminator Card0000001688     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M920 0000000402     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M930Bus Terminator0000001575     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M930Bus Terminator0000001579     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000000496     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000001091     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000001031     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000000879     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000000895     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1M957 0000000727     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000000875     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000001027     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000000887     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M957 0000000883     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M1705 0000001000     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M1709 0000001032     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M1709 0000001040     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M3104DHV110000001572     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M3104 0000000808     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M3104 0000000804     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M5900 0000000977     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M5901 0000000976     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M5902 0000000982     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7104RK8/E Set Loaned To Anders. Inc Four H8510000001013     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7105RK8/E Set Loaned To Anders. Inc Four H8510000001012     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7106RK8/E Set Loaned To Anders. Inc Four H8510000001019     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7164KDA500000000733     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M7199 0000000913     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M7199 0000000908     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7258LS11 Interface0000001578     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M7258 0000000423     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7259 0000000961     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7259 0000000966     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7259 0000000969     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M7263 0000000926     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7390 0000000981     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M7390 0000000951     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7390 0000000974     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7485UDA500000000744     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7485 0000000705     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7485 0000000704     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M7485 0000000935     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7486 0000000708     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7500 0000001564     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7513Expander RD/RX0000001560     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7516 0000000772     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M7521 0000000474     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7602 0000000820     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7606Microvax2 Cpu Memory0000000773     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7606 0000000812     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7606Microvax2 CPU Memory0000000473     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7606 0000000768     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7684 0000000724     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7686 0000000728     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M7702 0000000949     
 Dalby, Jula 3M7744RX02 Floppy Disk Controller0000001562     
 Dalby, Jula 3M7745RX02 R/W Control0000001559     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7792 0000000740     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7792 0000000721     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7792DEUNA0000000736     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7793 0000000709     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7793 0000000765     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7800Async Line Interface0000001586     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7800Async Line Interface0000001585     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7800 0000000965     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M7800 0000000972     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7800Async Line Interface0000001584     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7800 0000000739     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7809 0000000742     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000741     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000751     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000767     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000762     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M7814 0000000900     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000763     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000749     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000753     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M7814 0000000486     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7814 0000000720     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7814 0000000759     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7814 0000000716     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M7814 0000000902     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M7815 0000000745     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M7819 0000000929     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7819 0000000752     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M7819 0000000481     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M7819 0000000477     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7821Interrupt Control0000001719     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7821Interrupt Control0000001718     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7821Interrupt Control0000001721     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M7856 0000000422     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M7859 0000000939     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M7859 0000000946     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M7867 0000000480     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7940 0000000778     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7940 0000002193     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7940 0000000825     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7941 0000000828     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7941 0000002196     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7941 0000002186     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7941 0000000777     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7944 0000002192     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7946 0000000809     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7950 0000002200     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M7950 0000002199     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7951 0000000785     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M7955 0000000789     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M7982 0000000717     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8013 0000000793     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8014 0000000781     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8028 0000000821     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8028 0000000805     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8028 0000000770     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8043 0000001574     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M8043 0000000729     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M8043 0000000706     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8044-CB 0000000784     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8044-CB 0000000800     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8044-DK 0000000788     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8047 0000000813     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8053DMV120000001568     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8053DMV110000001569     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8059 0000000780     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M8059Traded To Jim0000000776     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8186CPU Rev A30000002189     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8186KDF11. Rev C30000001573     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8203 0000000905     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8203 0000000904     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8203 0000000934     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8203 0000000912     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8203M8203 M8207 Traded to Hans-Ulli.0000000758     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8203Traded to Hans-Ulli0000000754     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8203 0000000921     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8203 0000000909     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8203 0000000476     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8207 0000000923     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8207 0000000928     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8207 0000000918     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8207Traded to Hans-Ulli0000000755     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8207 0000000916     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8207 0000000922     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8256 0000000415     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8265 0000000940     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8266 0000000947     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8290 0000002064     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8290 0000002062     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8300 0000001034     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8300 0000001029     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8310 0000001030     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8311YD 0000001010     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8311YD4k x 12 MOS Memory0000001597     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8311YD 0000000954     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8311YDGiven To Anders Sandahl0000001006     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8311YD 0000000987     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8311YD 0000001011     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8311YDGiven To Anders Sandahl0000001004     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8315 0000000960     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8315 0000000964     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8315 0000000484     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8315 0000000932     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8316 0000000485     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8316 0000000968     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8316 0000000933     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8317 0000000495     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000488     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000492     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000489     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000499     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000490     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000491     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000493     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8319 0000000494     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8320 0000001038     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8326 0000001061     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8326 0000000971     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8327 0000001080     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8329 0000000975     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8330 0000001033     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8330 0000001042     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8330 0000001046     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8331 0000001021     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8340 0000001054     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M8341 0000001050     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8342 0000001064     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8342 0000000979     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8342 0000001052     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8342 0000001056     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8350 0000000967     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8350 0000000959     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8365 0000001009     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8365 0000001037     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M8396 0000000748     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8396 0000000471     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8399 0000000992     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8650 0000001044     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8650-YA 0000001072     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8650YA 0000000984     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8650YA 0000000952     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8653 0000001002     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8653 0000000953     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8655Traded To Jim0000000988     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8655Traded To Jim0000000996     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8655 0000001085     
 Dalby, Bananabox4M8655Traded To Jim0000001045     
 Dalby, Declåda 4M8655 0000001065     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8655 0000001068     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8655 0000001060     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8655 0000001048     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M8685 0000000732     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8728 0000000901     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8728 0000000896     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8739 0000000410     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8750 0000000914     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8750 0000000898     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2M8750 0000000930     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3M8750 0000000917     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M8830 0000001028     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M8830 0000001022     
 Dalby, Rusta 2M9202 0000000395     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9202 0000000997     
 Dalby, Declåda 6M9202 0000000725     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9300 0000000970     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9302 0000001001     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9302 0000000993     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M9302Modified0000001587     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9302 0000000978     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M9302Unibus Terminator0000001714     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9302 0000000999     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1M9302 0000000994     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M9400-YE 0000000801     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10M9400. / M9401 0000002191     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M9401 0000000829     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M9404 0000000824     
 Dalby, Declåda 5M9405 0000000769     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 Massbus Cable0000000515     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 Massbus Connector0000000547     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 Massbus Connector And Cables0000000411     
 Dalby, Declåda 4MDB-DR11W 0000000475     
 Dalby, Declåda 5MLSI-DRV11B 0000000797     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1 Module Guides0000000398     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1 Module Retainer BA11-M0000000407     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 1MR8-SL 0000001078     
 Dalby, Declåda 5MS630 0000000816     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 1Panel Modified 0000001055     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1 Panel Mounting Hw.0000000399     
 DalbyPC0Paper Tape Reader And Punch. PDP-8/L0000001771     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 1Pdp-8/a Panel 0000001082     
 DalbyPDP11/34 Chassi Without Front PanelDD11-PK, DD11-DK And RK11-D Backplane0000001788     
 Dalby, ELU Låda PDP14 Power Supply0000002108     
 Dalby, Bananabox 3 Plessey Memory 1 Meg0000000897     
 Dalby, Jula Låda 1 Possibly A Modified DD11-A0000001671     
 DalbyPR05/PR11With Rack Mount HW.0000001777     
 Dalby, Declåda 4QD32 0000000478     
 Dalby, Declåda 6 Qniverter0000000710     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1R002 0000000456     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1R111 0000000870     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1R111 0000000726     
 DalbyRD51D BoxOther MFM Disk Inside0000001778     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5RK05Cable Retainer Back0000000563     
 Dalby, Närke KöttRK05Heads0000000389     
 Dalby, Närke KöttRK05Heads0000000580     
 Dalby, Närke KöttRK05Heads0000000393     
 Dalby, Närke KöttRK05Heads0000000431     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 3RK05 Fan 0000001785     
 Dalby, Flyttlåda 1RK05 Testet 0000001059     
 Dalby, Jula Låda 1RK11DComplete With Cards0000001674     
 Dalby, Jula Låda 1RK11D Complete 0000001675     
 Dalby, Jula Låda 1RK11D Complete. 0000001668     
 Dalby, Elfa Låda 1RL02Terminator 5 Pieces. One Housing Only0000000406     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5RL02Read/write Board0000000513     
 Dalby, Jula 3RX02 Drive 0000001567     
 Dalby, Jula 3RX02 Drive 0000001558     
 Dalby, Jula 3RX02 Front Parts4 Complete Pieces0000001563     
 Dalby, Jula 3RX02 Front Plate 0000001566     
 Dalby, Jula 3RX02 Top 0000001554     
 Dalby, Jula 3RX02 Top Plate 0000001555     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1S107 0000000715     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC21 0000000451     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC21 0000000470     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC31 0000000455     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC31 0000000463     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC41 0000000459     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC41 0000000467     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC751 Connector 0000000466     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC751 Connector 0000000458     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC751 Connector 0000000462     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC751 Controller 0000000454     
 Dalby, Declåda 4SC751 Controller 0000000450     
 Dalby, Rusta 2TC11 0000000419     
 Dalby, Rusta 2TC12 0000000427     
 Dalby, Declåda 6TC13 0000000713     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1TU11 0000001014     
 Dalby, Rustalåda 5TU56 Cables 0000001775     
 Dalby, Declåda 6UD33 0000000712     
 Dalby, Bananabox4 Univerter0000000737     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 Various Tools And Pieces0000000542     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5VT100Advanced Video Board0000000522     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5VT10020 ma Adaptor0000000512     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5VT10020 ma adaptor0000000517     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5VT100Video Board0000000526     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5VT100Back Panel 4 Pieces0000000551     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2 VT100 Logic Board0000002049     
 Dalby, Bananabox 5 VT100 Video Board0000000527     
 Dalby, NespressolådaW076DTeletype Connector0000001681     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1W122 0000000719     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W122 0000001099     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10W130AMaint BD-10000001580     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10W130BMaint BD-10000001576     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10W131CMaintenance Board 20000001577     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10W131CMaintenance Board 20000001581     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W501 0000000872     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W501 0000000877     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W501 0000000874     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1W505 0000000448     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W513 0000000868     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W513 0000001111     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W601 0000000903     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W612 0000000915     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W640 0000000850     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W640 0000000876     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W640 0000000881     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W692 0000000500     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W706 0000001119     
 Dalby, Mouserlåda 1W706 0000000734     
 Dalby, Bananabox #2W941 0000000511     
 Dalby, Board In Bananbox #1W966 0000001017     
 Dalby, Rusta 2W966 0000001036     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W974 0000000869     
 Dalby, NespressolådaW982AModule Extender Board (M-series)0000001691     
 Dalby, NespressolådaW982AModule Extender Board (M-series)0000001686     
 Dalby, Bananbox 10W984AExtender Board0000001588     
 Dalby, Small Flipchips Box 1W990 0000000498     


Dalby - 85 / 644 items
Bananabox #2 - 37 items
Bananabox 3 - 25 items
Bananabox 5 - 26 items
Bananabox4 - 34 items
Bananbox 10 - 65 items
Board In Bananbox #1 - 60 items
Declåda 4 - 45 items
Declåda 5 - 36 items
Declåda 6 - 29 items
Elfa Låda 1 - 9 items
ELU Låda - 2 items
Engineering Drawings heap 1 - 44 items
Flyttlåda 1 - 4 items
Flyttlåda 3 - 5 items
Flyttlåda BC11 Kabel - 1 item
Jula 3 - 8 items
Jula Låda 1 - 6 items
Mouserlåda 1 - 30 items
Närke Kött - 4 items
Nespressolåda - 45 items
Rusta 2 - 24 items
Rusta 4 - 5 items
Rustalåda 5 - 4 items
Small Flipchips Box 1 - 92 items
Stor Flytt 2 - 4 items